Life Planning for You:
“How to Design & Deliver the Life of Your Dreams”

Featuring a Comprehensive Guide to Finding a Financial Adviser You Can Trust

Life Planning for You by George Kinder & Mary Rowland

Available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle Edition

This do-it-yourself book is life-changing and fun. It is also authoritative, written by award-winning global financial thought leader, George Kinder, with former New York Times personal finance columnist, Mary Rowland. The book will inspire you with stories of how people have made the changes they needed in order to live the life of their dreams. Now you can do it, too. In Life Planning for You the founder of Life Planning, George Kinder, puts in your hands this proven technique that can help you design and deliver your own dream life.

About Life Planning for You: “A triumph! Destined to become one of the most influential books of our time. I found it fascinating, refreshing, educational, practical and uplifting. Kinder’s self-help exercises, his case studies, stories and five visions of Life Planning are always inspiring, often deeply moving. He and Mary Rowland provide an exceptional guide to how to find a financial adviser you can trust including a history of the fiduciary movement. In the clarity of his descriptions of Life Planning, he has defined the standard of care against which banks and financial services companies will come to be measured as we move in finance from what he calls a century of sales to an era, global in reach, of empowerment for consumers, delivering freedom. This book is Kinder’s masterpiece.” Steve Conley, former Head of Investments for HSBC and former Chair of Bancassurance Steering Group of British Bankers’ Association

Life Planning for You introduces you to Kinder’s famous 3 Questions and his EVOKE® Life Planning process. The book has a free companion website that leads you step by step through the process, If you would like someone to guide you, the book and website will lead you to a directory of Life Planners trained to help you identify your deeply held goals and develop a Life Plan with the financial architecture to fulfill it. The book and website also introduce you to BERT, the Back of the Envelope Retirement Tool, a simple, easy to use retirement calculator that, with just a few minutes’ work, can help you estimate how soon you can retire. The EVOKE® Life Planning process has been refined over decades and used successfully by hundreds of Life Planners in 25 countries to change countless lives for the better. All that collective wisdom is yours in this book.

What Others Are Saying About the book

"As always, George gets right to the heart of the matter, pardon the pun, highlighting that our relationship with money is complex and leading us to the key issues that we must deal with in order to obtain financial maturity. If you are going it alone or using a trusted adviser, these are the important steps.

Many of the stories highlight our own limitations, we are our own limiters. Opportunities abound well beyond our expectations, and the book carefully takes through the process to obtain control and peace of mind. Great stuff George, when is the next one?”

James Harvey

"As a Registered Life Planner, I would like to think that I am well versed in helping my clients align their money with their heartfelt life intentions, nonetheless George’s new book really gets you back to the basics of helping clients actually discover what is truly important and then how to work through a structured process to ensure that people are empowered to overcome not just the obstacles that get in the way, but clears a path through the fog that stops people from actually discovering what is really important and meaningful in the first place.

The other thing that I like about this book, is it provides a concise tool in plain non technical language for people to use themselves or for me to use with those clients who maybe do not want to use my comprehensive Life Planning service, but see a need for help that the typical self help book does not really fully address, what do you do when you have identified your goals.”

Steven Williams

"I was instantly captivated by the idea of Life Planning and the many examples given in the book of people on similar journeys. The book was methodical in its approach to the process of Life Planning, and gave a clear path to follow for a "First Timer". The case studies in the book were relatable and encouraging. Could I Life Plan myself? The book made me realise that I could achieve a great deal on the road to achieving my ideal life, but would I go the whole way without a Financial Life Planner holding my hand, and encouraging me? Probably not. The Knowledge section was a bit too technical for my level of understanding, and I would definitely need my Financial Life Planner to advise me. Overall, very inspiring and motivational.”

Nigel Barker Smith

"There are many books helping you to work out your life goals and purpose and many books about money and its importance in life. However books that do both are rare indeed. It is however Kinder's skill that he brings together these two themes to produce a masterpiece. The book shows the reader how to find their purpose in life and meaning in their money. It is a do-it-yourself manual and if it all gets too much to do on your own advice where to find an adviser is given. This book will really help in providing the clarity one needs to live the life of one's dreams.”

N.B. Wilson

Available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle Edition