Life Planning For You Adviser Site

A new website that enables Kinder trained advisers and their clients to work virtually when doing the EVOKE® process! More details below.

The site is a planner tool that enables you to:

  1. Create an account for your clients and assign them EVOKE® exercises via the virtual dashboard tool. Your clients have a personalized and secure login experience for their EVOKE® work.
  2. Monitor their progress in completing the work and have access to their EVOKE exercises as they go.
  3. Review their work on line and/or download a PDF to print, archive or email.
  4. Print copies of their EVOKE work for your next meeting or work virtually with your client online.
  5. Manage all your Life Planning clients from one central portal that you can access online from anywhere.
  6. The site can be branded with your company logo, contact info and disclaimer so that your clients experience the continuity of your company’s brand.
  7. Exercises on the dashboard can be customized to fit your firm’s process for doing EVOKE® with clients and assigned when you choose
  8. Additional customization can be done with the site. Please ask for more info.

For more info and pricing please contact

Webinar: George Kinder: Attract Clients with Life Planning on the Web
Watch Recording - Download Handout PDF

Can you do Life Planning on the web as well as an in-person interview? What are the essential elements of a web-based Life Planning service? What is essential for the intimate, personal process of Life Planning to be delivered and how could it be approached through a computerized process?

You will learn:

  1. To what degree can you computerize the Life Planning process within your own firm and whether it is advisable
  2. The advantages of having it on the web
  3. How to attract clients with web-based Financial Life Planning
  4. How to ask effective, meaningful questions through technology interfaces
  5. Interpret client responses and understand personal communications over the web
  6. How to keep the flow of intensive two-way reciprocation using technology